• 1928

    We begin our transformation and craft activity using natural fibres.

  • 1987

    Catral Export, SL, the international leader in manufacturing natural screenings, is founded.

  • 1988

    We create a new product category and begin the first manufacturing of synthetic screenings using PVC extrusion.

  • 1996

    We create Cermaplast, SL, the Catral Group company specialising in plastic materials.

  • 2010

    Our catalogue covers over 1500 product references for gardening and DIY. We consolidate our expansion in the international market.

  • 2012

    We review the company’s strategic and expansion plan and release our new corporate image.

  • 2013

    We launch the first products manufactured with LOP Light Organic Polymer. We also create the Catral Home concept.

  • 2016

    We create Catral France, our subsidiary with a French office.

  • 2017

    We create Catral Garden and Home S.A., the new Catral.

  • 2019

    The new CEO takes over, and the restyled corporate image is presented.

  • 2020

    We reach the strategic objective of €44M in sales and tackle the pandemic even more strongly as a consolidated market player.

  • 2021

    J.P. Morgan Asset Management becomes a shareholder of Catral Garden.

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    Our history

    Hello! We are Catral Garden, a company that started in 1928 as a family business manufacturing and selling brooms made of native raw materials such as palms and giant canes. Thousands of brooms left the Catral factory each year bound for all over Spain as well as Portugal and France.

    It was in the 1970s when Catral started selling canework for the suspended ceilings common in buildings in those days. In later years, however, plaster superseded cane for this application, so that Catral had to react, and did. So it was that Catral started using canes to make fences instead of ceilings, and in the 1980s the company became a major exporter of split canework for fences and other garden products.

    Now, and approaching its first century, Catral Garden supplies garden materials to 80% of Europe’s largest DIY companies. Adapting continually to change and adversity, we at Catral continue to grow and evolve, with pride in our work and our construction.

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    Catral Garden, today

    As we mentioned in our History, we are pioneers in the production of screening and enclosures for the garden.

    Our commitment to in-house manufacturing at our plant in Alicante is a premise Catral has upheld right from the outset, manufacturing PVC canework in the early days, and continuing today to make products like artificial hedges, LOP® willow or decorative trellises entirely in-house.

    We now find ourselves in a new phase, renewed, professionalised and with a future vision. Catral’s logistical capacity is one of our main assets: we possess a punctual and efficient logistical service with a portfolio of over 2000 references.

    In short, we are experts in the gardening market and in the needs of small and large distributors, as well as consumers, and we strive each day to keep this up and give of our best.

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    Our mission is to make life easier and more comfortable for our end customers, by motivating people to create more pleasant environments, offering innovative and eco-responsible DIY and Gardening solutions manufactured in-house and commercialised, focussing ever more strongly on a responsible and sustainable supply chain offering a high level of service.

    Our company 3


    Our vision is to be an international leader in the world of DIY and Gardening, adapted to what the market wants and with our own identity, capable of meeting the most demanding tastes while we create value for our shareholders, to become strategic partners in our channel, the most active collaborator of our providers, and the preferred home of our employees for their personal and professional development.

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    Our values are the lodestar for everything we do. Starting with the people making the company Catral what it is, thanks to our commitment, involvement, resilience and culture of hard work.

    Continuing with responsibility, sustainability, honesty, ethics and humanity towards society and the environment in all our processes, keeping our commitments and eliciting trust among our workers, clients, collaborators and providers.

    CATRAL GARDEN & HOME DEPOT, SA, ha recibido por parte de la Generalitat Valenciana una ayuda correspondiente al programa: ayudas para mejorar la competitividad y sostenibilidad de las pymes industriales de los sectores de la Comunidad Valenciana del calzado, cerámico, metal-mecánico, textil, juguete, mármol, madera-mueble e iluminación, químico, automoción, plástico, envases y embalaje, papel y artes gráficas, valoración de residuos, biotecnología, producción audiovisual y producción de videojuego, dentro de la tercera fase de implantación del Plan estratégico de la industria valenciana. La suma de 59.144,75 € referente al proyecto MEJORA Y AMPLIACION DEL SISTEMA PRODUCTIVO PARA LA FABRICACION DE VARILLAS Y SETO ARTIFICIAL, con número de expediente: INPYME/2020/167.

    CATRAL GARDEN & HOME DEPOT, SA ha recibido por parte del MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIA,COMERCIO Y TURISMO una ayuda correspondiente al programa Apoyo financiero reindustrialización y fomento de la competitividad industrial con motivo del proyecto: mejora y ampliación del sistema productivo con un nuevo sistema de fabricación de seto artificial y mejora del sistema de fabricación actual. La suma de 738.000 € en concepto de Inversión: optimización de nuestro centro productivo y logístico en Catral para la fabricación de productos en PVC y la comercialización de todo tipo de productos de bricolaje y jardinería con la inclusión de nueva maquinaria y sistemas de gestión avanzada, con número de expediente RCI-040000-2017-69

    CATRAL GARDEN & HOME DEPOT, SA ha recibido por parte de IVACE una ayuda correspondiente al programa Ayudas a los planes de internacionalización. Ejercicio 2017 y al Plan de consolidación del mercado francés y alemán y prospección mercado chino la suma de 12.039,36€ en concepto de Alquiler de ferias internacionales en el exterior; Plan de marketing internacional; Creación/ adaptación de web y material promocional; Alojamiento y desplazamiento a países del plan de promoción; Técnicos en comercio exterior contratados en 2017, con número de expediente ITAPIN/2017/211

    Proyecto financiado por el Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad




     Inversión: Optimización de nuestro centro productivo y logístico en Catral para la fabricación de productos en PVC y la comercialización de todo tipo de productos de bricolaje y jardinería con la inclusión de nueva maquinaria y sistemas de gestión avanzada I.

     Financiación recibida: 738.000,00 €

    Expediente: RCI-040000-2017-69